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Applying ergonomics in the workplace reduces the likelihood of accidents, reduces the potential for injury and ill health, such as aches & pains of the wrists, shoulders and back. Ergonomic programs have been proven effective to help reduce workers compensation costs, increase productivity and morale, and improve the quality of work. Therefore, a growing number of companies, such as investment banks, law and accounting firms as well as other multinational companies, are putting ergonomics front and center when planning their office place and designing workstation.

Ergonomic Workplace Program

Regent Consulting Ergonomic Workplace Program is developed in response to the growing need for ergonomic workplace safety and health.

Training for the employees with the goal to increase awareness to what types of stressors increase the risk of work injury.

Visits to the work areas to assess the work area for ergonomic risk factors. Interaction with employees and facilitation of their identifying any stressors that exist, we begin brainstorming and discussing potential solutions.

Regent Ergonomic Consultants comply all identified stressors, discussion from the worksite visits and potential solutions/recommendations.

Regent Ergonomic Consultants complete a final report with summary of risk factors identified, potential solutions identified, and recommendations.

Ergonomic Workshop Training

Ergonomic Workshop Training

To promote the spinal health awareness in workplace, the workshop is designated for executives concerning their spinal health and preventative measures for work injuries to enhance their awareness on spinal wellness. Workshop content includes:

  • Ergonomic Training (30 mins)
    • Spinal anatomy
    • Common office syndromes such as low back pain, neck pain, etc.
    • Causes of chronic pain syndromes and treatments
    • Preventive measures of work injuries
    • Natural wellness treatments
    • Work postures
    • Nutritional advices
    • Workplace stretching exercises

  • Q & A session (15 mins)
  • On-site Spinal Assessment (15 mins)

Ergonomic Office Space Planning

Ergonomic Office Space Planning (EOSP)

The Ergonomic Office Space Planning (EOSP) is a proactive approach to provide a safe and comfortable work environment. By reviewing the office space, furniture and workstation design in the planning stages, EOSP helps to prevent repetitive strain injuries and reduce the resource wastage in furniture reconfiguration.

  • Identify Potential Ergonomic Risk Factors
    • Office space
    • Human size
    • Equipment placement
    • Body movement
    • Distraction
    • Lighting
    • Temperature
    • Specific task
  • Improve Workstation Design and Layout
    • Computer screen
    • Keyboard and mouse platform systems
    • Work surface
    • Chair and Seating
    • Document location
    • Telephone system
    • Other accessories (cushion, footrest etc.)

  • Recommend Correct Ergonomic Equipment

Ergonomic Workplace Consultation

Ergonomic Workplace Consultation

A practical ergonomic assessment could be conducted for the workplace as one of the ways to prevent work injuries. It takes approximately 10 - 15 minutes for our Doctor of Chiropractic to go through the following procedures and provide an individual consultation.

  • Product Evaluation and Recommendations
    • Computer screen
    • Keyboard and mouse platform systems
    • Chair and seating
    • Work surface
    • Chair and Seating
    • Document location
    • Telephone system
    • Other accessories (cushion, footrest etc.)

  • Posture Evaluation and Recommendations
    • Viewing distance
    • Optimum reach zone
    • Sit/Stand working posture
    • Neck/ Head posture
    • Hand/ Wrist posture
    • Upper back support
    • Lumbar support
    • Arm support
    • Leg/ Foot support

  • On-site Spinal Assessment
  • Handbook of Human Factors and Ergonomics Methods
  • Recommend Correct Ergonomic Equipment

Annual Spinal Screening Service

By participating in our ergonomic workplace program, your valuable staffs are entitled to a new, safe and non-invasive SEMG Computerized Annual Spinal Scan Check-up.

Program Enquiry

Tel: 2722 7186
Contact Person: Ms. Iris Mak / Mr. Vincent Li
Address: Room 1404, Tak Shing House, 20 Des Voeux Road Central, Central, H.K.
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