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Schedule mini-breaks every 20 to 30 minutes to avoid repetition.... More>>
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Newspaper Clipping (In Chinese)

"Bad Postures cause Wrist Pain. Simple Exercises can help"
錯姿勢手腕痛 簡易運動有幫助(Sun)

"Bad Postures cause Numbness"
做壞姿勢 終至全身麻痹 (3 Weekly)

"Exercises help Slouching Back due to Poor sitting posture"
坐姿不良致寒背 運動助矯正 (The Sun)

"Prolonged Computer Use Causes Subluxation?"
頭耷耳對電腦會脊椎錯位? (FACE)

"Increasing young patients with Subluxation"
電腦工作 手機看書睇片 脊醫: 頸椎錯位患者趨年輕化 (AM730)

"Forward Head Posture on phone more prone to Subluxation"
垂 頭玩手機 頸椎易錯位 (Apple Daily)

"Wrong Posture on phone leads to Subluxation"
錯姿勢用智能電話 恐頸椎錯位 (Economic Daily News)

"More youngsters suffering from Subluxation because of Bad Sitting Posture"
坐姿曳頸椎錯位年輕化 (Oriental Daily)

"Head-down texting on phone results in Subluxation"
耷頭玩手機易頸椎錯位 (The Sun)

"Pillow is not a solution of Neck Pain"
換枕頭紓頸痛 治標不治本 (TaKungPao)

"Bad Postures result in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome"
姿勢錯易電腦手20至40歲高危 (Hong Kong Economic Times)

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome more common in younger age group"
電腦手年輕化 杯都拎唔到 (Oriental Daily)

"Carpal Tunnel Syndrome may cause Muscle atrophy"
患電腦手可致肌肉萎縮 (Sing Pao)

"Frequent use of computer causes Carpal Tunnel Syndrome"
電腦手高危病 – 腕管綜合症 (Fashion & Beauty)

"Designer suffering from Cervical Misalignment"
日做16小時 設計師頸椎錯位

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