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Health Seminars
Health Seminar

Most Hong Kong people are suffering from neck pain and low back pain deal to their improper posture at work and in everyday life. We are devoted to enhance people's awareness on spinal wellness by providing health talk and spinal screening services for corporations and organizations. All health talks are delivered by our centre's chiropractor and physiotherapist and followed by a spinal screening session, providing consultation for participants.

We have organized over hundreds of health talks for corporations, associations and education institutes and received positive feedback. Please kindly choose the following health talk topics or suggest other related topics to suit different needs.

Topics Content Target Audiences
Office SyndromesBack pain, Bone Spur and Numbness For office workers
Spinal Health of ChildrenKyphosis, Scoliosis, Flat Feet & Respiratory problems For education institutes, parent-teacher associations
Common Joint ProblemsFrozen shoulder, Tennis Elbow, Carpel Tunnel SyndromeFor repetitive-work staff (e.g. catering & hospitality industries)
How to Avoid Sports InjuriesAcute Pain, Tennis/Golfers' Elbow For sports associations & golf centres

Health talk includes:
Spinal anatomy, causes & treatment of cmmon syndromes, preventive measures, work postures & nutritional advices

  • Health Talk: 30min (15mins for Q & A)
  • Spinal Screening: 15min to 30min

We provided the health seminar for the following groups:

ADI (Architecture) Joint-HRM Club
AXA Jusco
A1 Bakery JCK Associate
Access Control KCRC
Baby Kingdom Maersk
Beauty Group Manulife
Belt Collins International Maryknoll Convent School
Cable TV MassMutual
Century 21 MetLife
Chinese University of HK Mence Beauty
Cimigo Mindshare HK
CITS Nanyang Tobacco
CLP New York Life
DHL New World Group
Dah Chong Hong New World Telecom
Dragon Air Newedge
Fortis OSIM
Four Seas Oriental Logistic
Garden Restaurant Philip Morris
Giordano Phillip Wain
Glorious Sun Promotional Partners Worldwide
Golf Farm Prudential Assurance
Green Island Regal Hotels International
HK Airport Rita Fan's Office
HKCCSA Rohm Haas
HKFEW Sen Yee Seng Medical School
HKMA Sinomax
HKTA Student Travel
HK Life Sunlife
Hung Fook Tong Synovate
Hung Hon Targus
IBM TransAmerica
ING Winterthur Life
Inter'l Commerce Association Zurich
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